Monday, December 10, 2012

Here are the required courses from four nearby PT schools

I also recommend that you look at other requirements besides which courses to take. The requirements include the type and quantity of PT volunteer hours needed and who they want letters of recommendations from.

Howard University
1 Semester of Pre-Calc or Algebra II
Intro to Statistics
General Biology
Two semesters of Gen. Chemistry w/Lab
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Health Science
Two semesters of Physics
Technical Writing
Intro to Psychology
Psychology (other)

George Washington University
Anatomy and Physiology (two semester sequence, or one semester of each; human focus preferred)
Physics (two semesters with lab)
Chemistry (two semesters with lab)
Biology (two semesters with lab)
English (two semesters: one composition, one literature)
Statistics (one semester; mathematical focus preferred)
Social Sciences (two semesters: must include psychology beyond the introductory level)

University of Maryland: Baltimore
Human Anatomy (with lab recommended, 4 semester credit hours).
Physiology (with lab recommended, 4 semester credit hours).
Biology (4-8 semester hours) not Botany
General Chemistry I (with lab 4 semester credit hours).
General Chemistry II with lab (4 semester hours)
General Physics I (with lab 4 semester credit hours).
General Physics II (with lab 4 semester credit hours). .
Statistics (3-4 semester credit hours).
Psychology (3 semester credit hours). Abnormal or Developmental Psychology recommended.
Human Behavior (3-6 semester hours)

University of Maryland: Eastern Shore
Biology with Lab or Zoology with Lab, 4 credits
Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab (or its equivalent), 8 credits
Physics with Lab, 8 credits
Chemistry with Lab, 8 credits
Cell Biology with Lab or Microbiology with Lab or Histology with Lab, 4 credits
(Other upper level biological Science course may be considered)
Sociology/Psychology (General, Abnormal, or Child), 6 credits
Math (Trigonometry or higher)
Statistics, 3 credits